Artifice - Crafting System

In crafting. Ready to place an object.

Pre-crafting. Choosing materials from the list.

A particle effect goes off as a skill is used.

Choosing which type of item to make.

Skills can be moused over to reveal tooltips. They can also be activated on click.

Interacting with a placeholder NPC. Testing the dialogue system.

Receiving a quest.

Finishing a crafting session and getting an item.

Interface for turning in quest items. The list is populated with only valid items.

Quest complete. We didn’t make the optional objectives, sadly.

Choosing a catalyst to use.

An active catalyst providing bonuses on the crafting grid.


My final year project at university, I designed a robust and intricate crafting system for an RPG game. Inspired by games like Atelier and Final Fantasy XIV, I wanted to make a system that was easy to use, but hard to truly master. Something for powergamers and bare minimalists alike.

Though this is a vertical slice demo, I tried to think about how the system would progress over the course of the game. I aimed to induce a high degree of customisability while not overly penalising players for making mistakes at first.


Sole Designer and Programmer


Staffordshire University – Final Year Project


Sept '18 – Apr '19